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Model Fieldpaq

FieldpaqT 2+1 Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Powered by the MS Windows CE T operating system, Fieldpaq offers a very intuitive and user-friendly operation. Fieldpaq supports a compact flash card storage system and USB interface for storage of large data files and simple transfer via USB port. With a high resolution 65,536 color TFT display, you can clearly view your data on the Fieldpaq. Driven by the most powerful DSP chip (TI 67x series), Fieldpaq can perform most advanced analysis at extremely high real-time rates.

Fieldpaq's powerful FFT program allows you to conduct cross-channel analysis such as FRF, coherence, and cross power spectrum that are required for modal testing, ODS testing or sound intensity measurements. This program also supports waterfall measurements, showing continuous spectrum maps over a period of time, or over a rotational speed range.
Born for in-field testing Fieldpaq supports dual channel real-time measurements, and for some software modules, it can perform 3-channel simultaneous measurements. Weighing only 1.2 kg (2.6 lb), it can be held and operated with one hand. The Fieldpaq has an IP65 rated package and rubber armor designed for harsh environments. Expect up to 12 hours continuous operation in the field between recharging with a built-in state of the art high capacity lithium-ion battery.
  • Fieldpaq has 2 analog inputs and one auxiliary input.
  • Channel 2 supports tri-axial accelerometer input.
  • The new Fieldpaq is protected with rubber armor.
  • Fieldpaq has build-in compact fresh card reader.

Modularized Application Software

Modularized Application Software You may choose to purchase optional software modules for your Fieldpaq. The   following application programs are available from Benstone Instruments:
  • FFT spectral analysis
  • 1/3 octave analysis
  • 1/3 octave analysis
  • Data collector
  • Vibration meter
  • Data recorder


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