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Water leak detector


  • Leakage detection in pipes located at the depth of 6 meters in channel laying and in non-channel laying.
  • Detection of power alive cables by a passive method at the depth of 6 m.

The kit consists of:

  • Receiver “АP-015”.
  • Electromagnetic sensor EМD-230.
  • Acoustic sensor АD-215.
  • Headphones.
  • Optional equipment.

Receiver AP-015 features:

  • Extremely small dimensions and light weight of the receiver (it can be located in the hand or in the inner pocket of the jacket. There is a special clip for fastening to the belt).
  • Does not require permanent monitoring of the display, due to sufficient informative sound indication of the nominal and extreme levels of signal (special alarm sounds indicate exactly by which regulator the off-scale reading should be eliminated). It is enough to have quick access to controls.
  • Transformable filter of high selectivity allows on-cut accurately interfering sounds without damage to the typical sounds of unknown leak.
  • Increased noise immunity (it is provided by additional preliminary filtration in the first stage of  the sensor amplifiers).
  • Comfortable level of sound in the headphones is set by the operator independently of other settings. A separate volume control does not allow the device to beat on the ears when there is a sudden increase of the signal level.
  • The «HOLD» (storage) mode is available when the measurements are stopped and sound indication is switched off, and last data is remembered. This mode is particularly actual in leakage detection for quiet reset of microphone AD-215, as well as for data comparing before and after”.

Technical characteristics:


Leak detection

Operation  (tracing/leak detection)

Determined by the connected sensor.

Central frequency of the  receiver's   filter, Hz

50/60; 100/120;
512; 1024; 8928

Smoothly regulated in the range of 125...2500

Energy factor of the receiver (specifies  filtration degree) (Q)

80 minimum

Discrete  0,6/ 0,8/ 1/ 1,4/ 1,8/ 2,3/ 3/ 4
(Chebishev; 0,1db; 4-th order)

Wide strip,  (operating  mode in the range of frequencies from 100 Hz up to 2 400 Hz)



Input noise-immunity (pre-filtration in  the amplifiers of the sensor)

Switchable resonance filter.
(50/60; 100/120; 512; 1024; 8928 Hz, Q not less than 10).

Bandpass filter.
(Chebishev; 0,5db; 6-th order ; 110...2900Hz)

Maximum gain  factor of the electrical circuit and the dynamic range of the input signal, dB






Visual indication (LCD)

Symbols and values  of selected  modes and parameters.

Digital value of the signal level (%)

MAX for the period of measurement
MIN for the period of measurement

Linear animation of signal level  (12  segments) ( a running strip on the display of the receiver besides the  digital indication)

The current value of the signal level ( "fast" segments)
MAX for the period of measurements ( "slow" segment)

Sound  indication

Headphones -  natural broadband or filtered signal.

Headphones-produced sound (three types)

Built-in emitter - produced sound (one type)

Audible warning signal

Overload at the output of the sensor.  Overload at the output of the filter

Maximum output power on headphones, minimum, mW


Power supply

Voltage   2.3,5V. alkaline batteries   ?? 1,5V (2pcs.).
Upon the customer's request - accumulators  ?? 1,2V 2,6?/h,
2  pcs (work) + 2pcs. (storage)  with   4- places charger device  (from the lighting 220V or 12V on-board network).

Charging time of one pair of batteries, maximum, h


Time of continuous operation from a pair of   accumulators, minimum, h


Electronic unit weight  , kg


Electronic unit dimensions, mm

185´ 65´ 30

Work regulations:
Tracing mode:

Connect the headphones and electromagnetic sensor EMD to the receiver. Use the mode "Wide strip", 50/60 Hz, 100/120 Hz. Working in this mode allows to find the energized cables (mode "Wide strip", then 50/60 Hz), pipelines under cathode protection and pipelines with induced radiation (radiation, which is induced from all surrounded power supplies and electrical devices located nearby), (mode Wide strip", 100/120 Hz).
While using the operator analyzes the signal level by the level of the sound signal and on the display of the receiver.

Leak detection mode:

Connect the headphones and acoustic sensor АD-215 to the receiver. Use  the mode " Wide strip ".

Mechanical ground vibration, appearing due to the leakage from the pipeline, is received by the acoustic sensor using the piezoelectric inverter. Electric signal is received in the electronic unit, then in the headphones and on the display. The operator  determines the location of pipeline depressurization by the maximum signal on the display  or by specific noise of the leakage flowing from the pipes.

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