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Head Mounted Optics

ASL was the first eye tracking company to provide head mounted eye tracking systems.

Our expertise can assist you and inform you of the pros and cons on using head mounted optics. By working together with our large community of researchers and our experienced development team, ASL has eliminated the need for heavy cameras, wide visors and heavy helmets. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of the lightest, versatile and most comfortable head mounted eye tracking solutions available.

Any of the EYE-TRAC6 bright pupil head mounted optics can be connected to the ASL EYE-TRAC6 Control Unit and use the same Interface and Data Analysis Tools.


Head mounted systems are designed to accurately track pupil diameter and eye position relative to the person’s head. A head mounted solution is an excellent choice when participants will be viewing multiple surfaces or when the ability to move within a restricted area is required.

ASL offers the largest selection of head mounted optics. Our standard H6 optics tracks at 60 Hz. ASL also offers a high speed option, facilitating the ability to select the temporal resolution best for your particular study. The high speed camera can collect data at 120, 240, and 360 Hz. Our head mounted system can also be configured as a binocular head mounted system when binocular tracking is required.

For several years, ASL has been integrating our head mounted optics into a variety of Virtual Reality Helmets (HMDs) to provide researchers with valuable eye data when viewing virtual environments. In addition, ASL is the only eye tracking company with a complete fabrication shop and a master machinist on staff. This allows ASL the ability to be very responsive to unique eye tracking applications.



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