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Mobile Eye

Until now, eye trackers have been limited to laboratory or simulated settings. With the introduction of the ASL Mobile Eye, researchers across a multitude of disciplines (market research, consumer shopping behavior, sports, driving, reading, safety & training and much more.) can now collect eye movements and point of gaze information during the performance of natural tasks allowing the use of unconstrained eye, head and hand movements under variable lighting conditions.

The Mobile Eye is a truly tetherless, compact eye tracking system. The eye tracking optics are extremely lightweight and unobtrusive and the recording device is small enough to be worn on a hip pack. The eye image and scene image are interleaved and saved on a DVCR tape with a recording duration of up to 60 minutes, battery operated, 130 minutes at full charge. The video is then transferred to a laptop (included) that separates the images, does the analysis and creates a scene video with a cursor overlay. Alternatively, for real-time tracking the portable DVCR can be connected directly to the laptop. Sample rate is 30Hz. The system is designed for indoor and outdoor use with durability for sports applications. For multiple or parallel studies additional stand-alone optics and DVCR recorders can be purchased.

  • Head mounted optics (76g)
  • Color scene camera
  • Modified DVCR recorder
  • Eye Vision Software
  • Laptop w/3GHz processor


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