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Infrared Thermometer (0°C to 1380°C)

The DHS28XC-FM High Performance Heat Spy features superior accuracy and sensitivity (0 to 1380C). Accuracy is 0.3% of full scale. Repeatability of 3F. LCD Display. Anti-reflective filter for accurate use in strong sunlight or other light sources. Applications include all normal materials, including glass surfaces. The DHS28 Series is not affected by IR heaters, carbon dioxide or water vapor, and will not measure through glass. The DHS28 Series is specialized for Measurement of glass gobs, heat treating, annealing, welding, and metal ingot operations, does not measure through glass ports. 8 to 14 Microns. 3 Year Warranty. Includes Carrying Case, Batteries, Owner's Manual, Trigger Lock, AC Adapter, 110V or 220V. Enclosed Optical Sight. Factory Mutual Model (FM).

MDA 400 Bearing Lifeguard