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Model MLD301A


  • Vibration analysis of micro actuator.
  • Vibration analysis of the hard disk's head.
  • Vibration analysis of ferroelectrics or Piezo element.
  • Vibration analysis of all parts of the car.



Using laser Doppler effect, it measures velocity of the vibrating sample. Measuring optical unit and controller are connected through optical fiber. (Vibration displacement can be measured, using the displacement measuring unit.)



Laser light source He-Ne 633nm 2mW
Spot diameterΦ40µm~Φ200µm
Response frequency range1Hz~1.5MHz
Speed30 - 200,000 1/min / 0.5 - 3,333 Hz
Range of velocity 2µm/sec~5m/sec
Low pass filter 3.3kHz, 10kHz, 33kHz, 100kHz, 330kHz, OFF
High pass filter OFF, 33Hz, 330Hz, 3.3kHz
MDA 400 Bearing Lifeguard