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Model STD3300

STD-3300 is a powerful two-channel vibration analyzer that makes it possible to collect and analyze synchronous two-channel data, impressive diagnostics features and balancing function make this analyzer a keytool for detecting machinery faults.


  • Autodetection of sensor type and parameters. Work with any ICP sensors, proximitors, etc.
  • Warning and Alarm thresholds
  • Complete data analysis on-site (waveforms, spectrum, filtration, orbits, etc.
  • Long signals collection and further analysis
  • Run Up/Coast Down
  • Real-time analysis
  • 1 or 2 plane Balancing
  • Free firmware updating
  • Full compatible with the Vibrodesigner-Standard analysis software
  • STD-3300 can be connected to on-line condition monitoring systems


MDA 400 Bearing Lifeguard