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Model Impaq

4 Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Powered by the MS Windows CE T operating system, Fieldpaq offers a very intuitive and user-friendly operation. Fieldpaq supports a compact flash card storage system and USB interface for storage of large data files and simple transfer via USB port. With a high resolution 65,536 color TFT display, you can clearly view your data on the Fieldpaq. Driven by the most powerful DSP chip (TI 67x series), Fieldpaq can perform most advanced analysis at extremely high real-time rates.

Equipped with the fastest commercially available DSP chip in the world (TI TMS320-6711), the Impaq can perform most analysis in real-time. One example is a real-time FFT analysis performed at 40 kHz with 12,800 lines of resolution.
Powered by the MS Windows CE operating system, Impaq offers a very intuitive operation and user friendly navigation of menus. This powerful operating system supports Compact Flash memory and USB interface. The Impaq utilizes both of these features to provide unlimited storage and simple connectivity to your computer. With a high resolution color TFT display, now you can easily view your data of different channels on the Impaq

Please contact Benstone Instruments to learn more about this very powerful analyzer.
  • Powered by MS Windows CE
  • 4 channel real time analyzer
  • Color TFT LCD screen
  • The most compact 4 channel system
  • High quality aluminum housing, excellent EMI protection


Because every person may have different needs for his own tests, we have made the application software completely modularized. It is very easy to install different application software to an Impaq or download an updated version from our website. The following application programs are available from Benstone Instruments.

  • FFT spectral analysis
  • 1/3 octave analysis
  • Data collector
  • Vibration meter
  • Data recorder

Example display with reduced resolution impaq


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