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Bearing LifeGuardT MDA

Bearing LIFEGUARD is a metrics based system that allows the user to monitor and optimize key factors of the machinery under user control. Compatible with laptop and tablet computers, this condition monitoring instrument can be easily carried to the site for gathering information quickly and conveniently. It provides complete immediate bearing condition information to the user.

The password protected system can be easily operated by maintenance manager, supervisor, an experienced maintenance engineer, a skilled machinery vibration analyst, or a relatively unskilled data collection technician. It gives on the spot answers that you need to make an informed decision. It is the most cost-effective instrument available for machinery bearing analysis in the market.

Bearing lifeguard is used for detection of :-

  • Imbalance.
  • Misalignment.
  • Eccentric Shaft.
  • Belt Resonance.
  • Other sources of low frequency motion.
  • High frequency impacts & resonance.

Functional Features :-

  • Three level password access.
  • Bearing Information Condition Prognostics.
  • DB Utility for assembly definition- Including Organization, Facility, Building, Floor, Room and Point ID.
  • Mounting low frequency ISO standard level compensation- Flex/Rigid.
  • Machine Rotational Speed, Fixed or Variable with user selected upper and lower notch frequencies.
  • Automatic rejection of first order gear mesh frequencies.
  • Accelerometer Sensitivity adjustment. 1mv/g to 10 volts/g.
  • Entry of supervisor/manager $ value estimate of cost of catastrophic failure for a given point.
  • Bearing Life Expectancy Adjustment for % contribution of DF and BC.
  • Ability to adjust selected coefficients to allow refinement of individual machine-assembly characteristics.