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Model Centertek 340/342

CENTER 340/342 are temperature data logger and humidity/temperature data loggers. Even though these units are focus on data collecting, we had place a LCD display to show the operator on site information. In case of dark environment, it is even equipped with back light display. Both units feature a real time clock inside so that the events are captured with time stamps. The recording memory can hold up to 64,000 records which can produce high resolution test result.

CENTER 342 is a humidity/temperature data logger. It also has most of the features that 340 has excepted waterproofness. This is caused by the nature of humidity measuring.


  •  LCD With Back Light.
  •  Battery Status Display. 
  •  Memory Status Display.
  •  Shipped With Wall Hanging Tag.
  •  32,000 Records Datalogger Per Channel.
  •  "SlimCom" RS-232 Interface.
  •  With Windows Software.


Measurement Temperature: -30~70C, -22~158F
Measurement Humidity: 5%~98%RH
Accuracy: 0.7C; 3%RH
Resolution: 0.1C; 0.1F; 0.1%RH
Battery: 1.5V size AAA battery x 2
Recorder: 92 x 55 x 22 mm
Hanger: 106.5 x 59 x 25.5 mm
Communication Base(CENTER345): 107.5 x 62 x 28 mm

Standard Accessories:

Battery, Operation Manual, Hanger.
Option: Communication Base(CENTER 345), RS-232 Cable, Software SE-342.

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