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HSI1003 Hand Held Thermal Imager Narrow Field of View Model Number HSI1003

Wahl's easy to use, low cost Heat Spy Imager has the same ability as the expensive thermal imaging cameras to find the hottest spot or area of the target, and tell you the temperature of it.
"WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!!! includes, Pistol Grip Handle and Cable. (Pocket PC not included) What makes the Wahl Heat Spy Imager different from the competitors? You can locate and point to the hot spot with the built in laser. Just scan the target area and find the hottest spot on the screen. Place the hottest spot of your target on the center of the screen indicated by the circle (shown in picture below). It will also indicate the temperature of that spot. Then, simply press the laser button, and the laser will point to the hot spot on your target, corresponding to where it appears on the center of the screen. You can then take a thermal picture and store it in the Pocket PC. Ergonomically designed, flexible and easy to use, this affordable imager can be used in a variety of applications.




Product Specifications
MDA 400 Bearing Lifeguard