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MODEL Accutrak VPE, VPE 1000/2000 and VPX-WR


The AccuTrak VPE represents state of the art technology for pinpointing leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The VPE is extremely sensitive to the ultrasonic sound of a turbulent gas leak. Using a technique call "heterodyning" it translates the sound to a lower frequency which your ear can interpret.

The AccuTrak VPE is compact and designed for one hand operation. It comes with a flexible wave guide for hard to reach areas.

Additional applications include the detection of bearing wear, leaks in ductwork, leaking steam traps, as well as valves, vacuum leaks and electrical arcing.


  • Not affected by wind!
  • Will NOT false alarm from residues or stray gasses.
  • Detects ANY gas, even Vacuum!
  • No tips to clean or sensors to replace.
  • It’s patented, and one of a kind - Nothing works like AccuTrak!
  • Also great for compressed air leaks
  • Finds pneumatic leaks quickly

The VPE is our best selling leak detector and is ideal for HVAC applications. The VPE comes complete with instrument, hard-shell carrying case, headphone, probes, and battery. Ultrasonic sound generator is available but sold separately.

The SG2 Sound Generator emits powerful ultrasonic sound waves which will penetrate small holes and cracks, following the path a gas or liquid would take to cause a leak. The escaping ultrasound is then received and measured by the VPE detector.

Use in conjunction with the VPE or VPE1000 detector to test refrigerator/freezer door gaskets, truck/auto/boat window seals, trunk gaskets, aircraft cabins and various other tanks/vessels and more.

The SG2 Smay be used in continuous or burst mode at 49 kHz up to 115 dB at 30 cm. This highly recommended accessory provides tones for trouble shooting pressure vessels and air tight applications.

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VPE Ultrasonic Kit with instrument, hard-shell carrying case, headphone, probes, and battery.


Industrial Grade Headphones

(May be worn over Hardhat)


Sound Generator, Dual Output


VPE Specifications:



Battery Life:

15 hrs. continuous


10 element LED bargraph, and 4 element alphanumeric.

Frequency Response: 

30-42 kHz (center)

Audio Output:

0 to 4 kHz




One year


SG2 Specifications:



Battery Life:

70 hrs. continuous, 90 hrs. Burst

Output Frequency;

40 KHz ( 2.5 Hz)

Frequency Accuracy: 

50 parts per million

Precision Voltage Regulator:

1% Regulation

Output Intensity:

115 dB at 30 cm. (nominal)

Dual Mode Output:

Continuous or Burst Tone


One year

MDA 400 Bearing Lifeguard