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Machine Control MC 1100

Machine Control MC 1100 is the basic vibration meter for measuring the effective vibration velocity veff (rms) according to DIN ISO 10816-3 or the vibration acceleration and the rolling bearing condition gSP according to the shock pulse method. Using the integrated speed sensor allows you to determine a rotating machine's speed.

As an option the instrument may be used as a temperature meter or for the adjustment of the belt tension in belt drives.


  • Capturing all important measuring values with one instrument
  • Integrated speed sensor
  • Reliable, easy operation
  • Immediately ready for measuring, no complicated settings required
  • Checking machine vibrations
  • Evaluation of the condition of rolling bearings
  • Checking rotational speed
  • Measuring temperature (Option)
  • Adjustment and check of belt tension (Option)
  • Identification of critical operation areas
  • Early detection of failur

Technical data
Measurement range
Overall vibration0 - 999.9 (mm/s)eff or (m/s)eff
Rolling bearing condition0 - 999.9 gSP
Speed30 - 200,000 1/min / 0.5 - 3,333 Hz
Temperature0 - 200 C / 32 - 392 F
TransducersAcceleration sensor HMA 1140,
100 mV/g
Integrated laser speed sensor
Dimensions of instrument80 mm x 160 mm x 40 mm
Weight350 grams
Battery operation timemin. 6 hours


MDA 400 Bearing Lifeguard