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Fever Alert System!

An early warning system to screen people in "real time", the Wahl HSI2500S High Resolution Fever Alert infrared camera offers unmatched image sensitivity and clarity in a 320 x 240 radiometric imager.

In less than a second it quickly and easily detects elevated body temperatures and gives off both an AUDIBLE and VISUAL ALARM when a pre defined threshold is exceeded, indicating possible fever in humans. A Blackbody reference is also used to regularly verify the accuracy of the imager.

This screening system can be used as part of a plan to minimize the spread of flu, and potentially limit the infectious transmission of disease during an outbreak, in both the workplace and public facilities..
Product Specifications

HSI2500S Features

  • Less than a second to take a temperature reading, thus no delay processing people past the system.
  • Optimal response when screening is narrow focused and at a short distance.
  • Non-threatening - non-contact:
  • Measures the temperature coming off a surface - no contact with subject
  • No lasers are used
  • Blackbody verifies the accuracy of the imager.
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