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MIDAS Ferrous Debris Monitor

  • MIDAS is a very sensitive and easy to use instrument for determining the amount of ferrous wear debris in an oil or hydraulic fluid sample.
  • Displayed debris readings are very stable and repeatable.
  • Quick and easy to use, low training overhead.
  • Small 2ml sample tubes are easy to handle, transport and store.
  • MIDAS resolves Fe levels down to 1 PPM, giving an instantaneous display reading.
  • Rapid 10 seconds per sample throughput is achievable.
  • Clean mineral, synthetic and water based oils / fluids all give similar 'zero' reading, so that different sample types do not require a 'zero' reset.
  • A calibration check tube is supplied with each unit.
  • MIDAS units are in profitable use worldwide, in mining, papermills, power generation, oil analysis laboratories, locomotives, oil additive producers, sugar refiners.....
  • Low cost units and consumables (tubes). MIDAS units at multiple sites economically viable.
  • Low power 12V dc power supply makes field or vehicle operation possible.
  • For many users MIDAS is a complete stand alone wear debris monitoring solution.
  • Sophisticated users employ MIDAS as a first screening of samples prior to more exhaustive analysis.
  • Differences of MIDAS readings compared with spectrometric readings can provide additional insights into system condition.
  • Low MIDAS readings help to extend oil change intervals and save money on new oil, filters, disposal costs; environmentally beneficial.
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