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Model Impaq Elite

4 Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer

Impaq Elite is a 4 channel portable vibration analyzer powered by Microsoft Windows CE and state-of-the-art DSP technology. The Impaq Elite's ruggized housing design is made from a high tech dual material injection process, consisting of hard ABS plastic (black) and soft TPR plastic (yellow, gray or orange). The Elite also has rubber seals for your protection when in nasty environments. Equipped with VGA resolution color touch screen, impaq Elite brings you a brand new experience with in-field analyzers.

Impaq Elite's touch screen display allows the user quick access to many functions on the FFT program. It supports cross channel analysis, which offers both the phase and amplitude information needed for advanced analysis. Also, includes FRF, coherence, waterfall, time, power spectrum, complex spectrum and more. Ideal for your modal analysis, ODS or sound intensity measurements.
Measure 1/1, 1/3, or 1/12 octave spectrums utilizing real-time digital filtering technology with the Impaq Elite. Conforming to IEC 61260 and 61672 standards, the octave program is best suited for acoustic and vibration measurements in the field. The octave program can perform time domain integration and then transform the acceleration spectrum into a velocity or displacement spectrum for vibration measurements.
In field rotor balancing made easy with the Impaq Elite balancing kit. Simple, easy-to-use tools for calculating components, drill depth, 3 plan balancing and unequal radii.
Throughput your sound & vibration raw data continuously into the Compact Flash Card, and then you can playback these raw data files in Novian and do real-time analysis, or export these files into xml, wav or uff format for further analysis with other softwares.
Measure vibration levels with choice filtered and detection methods.  VM supports rms detection, true peak detection and user defined wighting functions, with which you can create custom weighting functions to support your human vibration measruements or other vibration standards. .  You may show the vibration levels in bar chart plots or trending plots. 
Novian provides powerful function for viewing data taken with your Impaq Elite and easy-to-use reports in Microsoft Word.  You can do post analysis with Novian, like unit conversion, FFT, iFFT, weighting funciton, filtering, etc for the data taken with impaq Elite. You can also use Novian to playback your recorder raw data taken with impaq Eltie and do real-time analysis of FFT, Order Tracking or Octave Spectrum in the Novian's playback mode.
With ownership of your new Impaq Elite, you will receive unlimited free upgrades on purchased software. Simply connect your Elite via USB cable to your computer and the update manager will automatically keep your instrument up to date with the latest software release.


  • 4BNC connectors for AC, DC and IEPE analog inputs
  • 4 7-pin LEMO connectors for 200V or 0V microphone inputs
  • One LEMO 4 pin connector for triaxial input of channel 2,3,4
  • One AUX input for Tacho input, TTL output and RS-232C interface
  • One DC input for battery charger


  • Compact Flash Card and USB port protected by the water proof cover


  • 6.4" color touch screen, VGA resolution
  • Available in three different colors (yellow, gray, orange)
  • External Battery charger and spare battery (A 5400mA Lithium-ion battery offers at least 8 hours of continuous operation)
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