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vPod Lite

The vPod Lite vibration meter provides intelligent measurements in many demanding environments. More powerful than analog meters, the vPod Lite comes standard with a high precision 24 bit analog / digital converter for measurement accuracy.

The built-in microprocessor makes this meter intelligent-providing the user with auto-detection accelerometer and cabling conditions which are shown in the upper left corner of the LCD screen, and battery power in the bottom left corner.

The vPod Lite?s easy to view backlit display make this a meter of choice even in dark environments. Designed for your everyday maintenance work, the vPod Lite is an affordable measurement solution.

  • Microprocessor-based instrument
  • Measures vibration, acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • Large backlit LCD screen
  • Easy to operate with one button selection of unit system (Metric, English) and vibration unit (velocity, displacement, acceleration).
  • Smart display shows vibration unit, detection and battery power
  • Auto detects accelerometer and cabling condition
  • 24 bit high precision A/D converter and non-linear compensation for high accuracy
  • Conform to ISO 2954 and ISO 10816 standards
  • IP 65 rated dust and splash-proof housing
  • Each meter supplied with full band calibration certificate


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