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IMXA-460™ and IMVA-440™ are modular, Intuitive, automated data collectors with add on packages available for multiple customized applications. This flexibility allows combination of features, and options to optimize firmware and usage. Both instruments are modular ensuring protection of investments. Simply add/delete firmware modules and add/delete new functionalities, without the need to buy new instrument.

They are capable of collecting, processing, displaying and storing multitude of parameters e.g. Sound, Motor Current, Temp, Voltage, Heat, Vibration, Pressure, Speed/motion...Etc

Automated Data Management features include Auto Store, Auto Advance, Database Advance, Acquisition Mode Selection, Auto Range, Machine Speed Setting, Delay Setting, Trigger Setting, Cursor Application, Historical Data Management, and Overall and Spectrum Alarms. Both have easily navigable context sensitive HELP and are designed to operate in harsh, hazardous environment. English/Metric units are available.

Features like Auto Ranging, Keyboard and Barcode Data entry and usage of Industry Standard protocols reduce time of data collection by a quarter. Time further reduces to half in dual channel operation of IMXA-460™. Both models download to Microsoft Excel. VibAnalyst™ however adds powerful features compatible to Firmware loaded.
  • Rugged single handed & Ergonomic.
  • Handling Convenience Menu Driven.
  • Modular Scalable and Flexible.
  • On screen context sensitive assistance.
  • Easy operating function keys.
  • Fast 400 MHz XScale Intel Processor.
  • Expandable application modules.
  • 2 channel + Trigger data collection.
  • Visibility - Dark/Bright environment.
  • Red/Green/Amber LED Indicators.
  • Accuracy - +/- 5%.
  • PC Data Management, Graphing / Reporting software VibAnalyst™.
  • Absolute Phase with Tacho.


  • ISO 10816 Checks Optional.
  • Optional FRF, Run Up /Dn Etc.
  • Print directly to portable printer.
  • Easy data transfer & seamless storage.
  • Windows CE.
  • Communication: USB, IrDA, RS232, Active synch up to 115200 baud rate.
  • CSA - Class I Div 2 Group A, B, C, D (Option-ATEX Zone 0/2 or IS).
  • Zoom and Magnification Facility.
  • CE Marked.
  • Li-lon smart battery pack more than Eight hours Continuous operation.
  • Relative Phase using 2accelerometers.

Vibrasound Data Collector : IMXA-460™

IMXA-460™ is a powerful, real-time plant Data Collector. Designed to simplify the task and increase the speed of collecting variety of data. It is ideally suited for use in almost all the industries. Some of the typical data and graph formats specific to IMXA-460™ are:

  • Order tracking
  • Engineering Units Display on y-axis
  • Route based having Multiple Historical data
  • Simultaneous display of 3 spectrums or time waveforms for TriAxial Inputs
  • Unfiltered and Filtered ORBIT

Vibrasound Processor : IMVA-440™

IMVA-440™ Data Processor is flexible, simple, and easy to use with intuitive user interface for efficient use by expert or beginner. Data collected could be processed automatically to display in tabulated, X-Y format or graph formats for:

  • Relative phase reading shown as a simple vector diagram
  • Firmware upgrade path to full Vibrasound data collector capability
  • No need for Tacho Signal
  • Fmax between 2 Hz and 40 kHz
  • Large data storage
  • Post processing of data
  • Integration, of data from several sensors

Optional Modules:

Basic Processor Module

Batch exporting into Excel - consolidate multiple worksheets into a single workbook.

  • Comparisons between multiple graphs in overlay and waterfall display.
  • Bearing Fault Detection.
  • Graphical display with zooming and magnification.
  • Dynamic cursor types (harmonic, side-band etc).
  • Integration, control of engineering units and vertical Scale.
  • Easy FFT generation with on - screen phase vector .
  • Displays spectrum FFT, Oscilloscope, and live data .

Bump Test Module

  • Single spectrum display with absolute phase.
  • Application for Crack detection
  • Identification of natural frequency, integrity and resonance frequencies of Turbine blades and Structures.

Conformance Check Module

  • General machine health check applying templates for appropriate standards: like ISO 10816, BS..etc.
  • Library of test templates.
  • Operator feedback as actual values and health status.
  • Allow users to define their own standards, limits.
  • Machine type category based on customized templates.

Frequency Response Function Module

  • Modal testing using a calibrated hammer excitation.
  • Natural Frequency and Transfer Function estimation.
  • Calculate and animate the Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) by exporting data to specialist software

Balancing module

  • Static or dynamic couple balance, fixed / split weight.
  • High precision 1/2 plane option or stand alone balancer.
  • On screen step by step guide to balancing.

Recorder/Data Logger Module

  • Long Period recording of live vibration/process variable signatures of run up, steady state and coast down.
  • Storage of two channel time data (WAV) format.
  • Email file for play back, processing / diagnosis.

Run-Up Coast-Down Module

  • To record and process data from variable speed or transient state machines having speed / time dependent variations in sound or vibration.
  • Critical/resonant speed determination & display of Bode / Nyquist / Waterfall / Color spectrograms

Third Party Modules

  • Operating Deflection Shapes / Modal Testing.
  • Bearing Data Base for fault frequencies
  • Expert / Diagnostic upgrade or On Screen Diagnostics

Accessories As ordered

  • Accelerometers with cables and magnets
  • Communication Cables
  • Power Supply Adapters
  • Tachometers
  • Current Clamps
  • Stroboscope
  • Thermometers
  • User Manual

IMXA-460™ & IMVA-440™ Common Specifications

Input Connectors:

Channel 1 :AC/ DC/ ICP™, Trigger in.
Channel 2 :AC/ DC/ ICP™, Trigger in Tachometer     Power supply.
Aux Channel :Trigger in, Tachometer Power supply,    USB 2.0 Comm, Charger.

Input Types and Units/Devices/Sensors: Hand    held or installed AC/DC, Infrared Temp, Sound, Voltage,    Vel/Accel/Disp, TEDS, Strobe/Tacho, Pressure,    Keyboard/process Current.

Input:+/-40V, ICP: 0-20V Else +/-12V (0-24V).

Transducer check: ICP™ open circuit  check.
Tachometer: Tacho input ±40V, TTL /     Analogue supply +5 V Speed/RPM 1-99,999.

Auto range: Yes for fast collection - User    Override.
FFT resolution:100-12,800     lines/Time-  32768 block.

Dynamic range: >90 dB (2x20 bit     sigma- delta ADC).

Internal storage:64 Mbyte (approx 4,000 spectra).

Printer output:PCL/Pentax pocketjet or equivalent.

DSP processor:MOTOROLA® DSP56307.

Main Processor:400 MHz Intel XScale PXA255.
Frequency range:Route / Off Route measurements:    0.18 Hz - 40 kHz else DC- 40 KHz (2400000 RPM).

Display or Collection upto 12 parameters in: --Spectrum, Time Wave, ESP, Relative Phase, Run up / Coast Down, Spectrogram, Bode Plot, Nyquist Diagrams, Waterfall Display, Tables, FRF. Overall, Magnitude and phase, Cohrence, Bump Test, orders ISO 10816, ISO 8528, BS 4675-1, BS 4999-142, Static / Dynamic Single / two plane Balancing Data.
Data Scale, Notes, and Screen Saving: Peak RMS True Peak dB combinations, Append Notes in data Collection, Save Screen to PC Cards
Filters:High Pass - 2, 10, 70 Hz Demodulator-off,     0.6- 1.25, 1.25-2.5, 2.5-5, 5-10, 10-20 kHz.

X Axis Units:HZ/ CPM/ Orders

Windows:Hanning, Hamming, flat top, Rectangular.

Averaging type:Time /spectra Linear, synchronous    continuous, programmable from 1 to 9999. Peak Hold    Averaging up to 12 bands (Fixed or Order Base).

Droptest: metres multiple drop - to MIL-STD 810.
Data Scanning: Optional Bar Code     Scanning
Sensor Specifications: Flexible via     sensitivity
Real time rate: 40 kHz single channel
Enveloper (demodulator): ESPT with     five(5) selectable input filters enhances     detection of bearing / gear mesh /      Lubrication/ Pump Cavitation faults
Cursor: Single, Harmonic, Peak Pick     Fixed and lock
Sealing:IP65 (Dust & splash proof) ABS Plastic.

¼ VGA clear 320x240 pixel transflective bright     color high contrast screen view 54x72 mm.

Keyboard:12 alpha-numeric keys, 4 dedicated    movement keys and 2 enter keys for both hands operation,    Sealed chemical resistant, elastomeric silicon, tactile     touch, numeric Dedicated keys.
Languages: Multi Language Firmware     (Optional)
External Memory Card: PCMCIA type     II (ATA Flash) / CF card 4 GB with PCMCIA     Adapter.

Weight: 700 g (1.5 lbs).

Battery: Long Life Li-lon smart battery     pack more than 8 hours continuous operation     2200 mAh.
Battery recharge: Via mains or cradle Battery can be charged in the collector. No data loss in charging

186 x 93 narrowest 186 x 134 widest
Temperature ratings:
     –10 to +50 °C operating temperature
      –20 to +60 °C storage temperature

Humidity: 95% non-condensing

Optional: Machine Image & Transducer     location display


Additional Displays: -- Dual / three channel Spectrum, and time waveform, phase table, orbit, Five Level    Hierarchy or Off Route Collection, Cross Channel Phase. Interface to VibAnalyst™ Data Collection module

Additional Sensors: Triaxial ICP™ /AC / DC
MDA 400 Bearing Lifeguard