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Powered by the microprocessor this meter can easily measure average, hold or peak hold vibration data, and display them with user selectable unit/detection. The battery charge indicator and sensor bias indicator is also a standard feature of vPod and vPod ll. vPod ll has built-in memory for storing up 1000 archive data points. It can transfer data through the RS-232C port with a PC.

The vPod can measure vibration levels in acceleration, velocity or displacement. The users can select to display the vibration results in their preferable units and detections. The vPod come standard with a built-in 500 Hz high pass filter. The is significant because most roller element bearings' parts are located between 500 Hz - 2 kHz. This high pass filter method has been proven to be very useful in identifying a bearing condition.

With the incorporation of built-in EEPROM memory, a vPod ll meter can store up to 1000 sets of vibration data. These saved data points can be recalled by entering the meter's REVIEW mode. Every vPod ll comes with an RS-232C interface program for downloading the saved data from memory to a PC for post analysis or report building.

The Trendex software supports both vibration and temperature data. In the route data collection mode, vPod ll also can connect to an optional thermo meter for collecting temperature data.

  • The vPod ll can download a pre-defined measurement route for mass data collection
  • The built-in review mode of the vPod ll shows the stored data
  • The patented G-Spike™ enables you to quickly connect to the detection probe
  • SMD (surface mount) production
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Input bias indicator
  • Backlit, high resolution LCD display
  • Average, peak hold and freeze modes
  • Selectable gain
  • Memory for storing up to 1,000 data
  • Review data mode
  • RS-232C interface
  • Route-Based collection


MDA 400 Bearing Lifeguard