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HSI3000AS Wahl Heat Spy - Agriculture & Sports Medicine/Athletic Training Model Number HSI3000AS

This new major diagnostic tool, can detect infection, injuries or muscle group problems before they become critical. The camera detects the problem long before a human can see it, and displays an image with colored temperature patterns in the problem area. A specific site of infection or muscle group injury can be seen before the animal or pet is really sick or disabled. Use for: dairy animals, livestock, pets, horses, exotic species Used by: dairy farmer, livestock owner, horse owner, veterinarian, hoof trimmer .

Dairy Animals:
Checking for udder injuries, mastitis or bruising, and hoof problems.
Hoof trimmers can determine and document problems before corrections are made, or lameness occurs.
Early treatment prevents milk losses caused by animal immobility and can save as much as $400 per cow treatment, including culling costs.
Sick cows can be removed from milking stream and milk directed to another use on the farm. Helps lower stomachic cell counts by early detection of milk production problems.
Prevent lameness and promote longevity of production animals because ailments are detected sooner such as hairy wart, foot rot, sole lameness, abscesses, digital dermatitis, claw lesions, sore mouth and muscle injuries.
Detect heat stressed animals and quickly isolate, and treat them.
Calf navel infection problems can be detected sooner.

Dry cow udder problems and frostbite are easily detected.
Each year between 10% and 33% of bovines are lost due to heat stress in hot climates. Other Bovines are lost for unknown reasons, often because an injury or infection was not detected soon enough.
With cows, milk production is reduced before an overheated cow dies. Early detection saves lives and owners money.
Detect injuries and infections from environment. Sheep, goats and swine udder problems can be documented.

Bull injury problems can be solved a lot sooner. An Owner with 1000 cows and a loss of only 10% by an average price for a cow of $ 2,000.00 makes a saving of $20.000.00. Additional savings are realized on long-term treatments and Veterinarian bills.The feed ratio can be adjusted due to the loss of core temperature in an animal.

Early detection of mastitis in dogs, cats or other pets. Detect tooth, mouth, foot problems, and other body injuries. Save time by not needing an x-ray machine.


Product Specifications
Detect problems with shoes, hoofs, hoof rot, poor shoeing job, or incorrect nail size. Save money by shoeing horses only when necessary. Hoof trimmer and farriers are able to document the shoeing job. Hoof trimmers can determine and document problems before corrections are made, or lameness occurs. Find muscle groups that are causing lameness for wrapping and treatment.
Advantage for Veterinarians: HSI3000 Compatible Operating Systems Less use of X-ray machines. Farm Vets can carry the camera easily for on-site treatments.

Advantages for Owners:
This portable detection camera is a major advancement in animal health technology.
  • Huge savings for long-term treatment cost by early detection of a problem.
  • Cut down expenses for veterinarians by bringing animals to Universities for X-Rays.
  • Detect and remove from a herd before an animal is critically ill.
  • Save animals lives.
  • Camera can be used from any direction including upside down.
  • Operate from a safe distance, 10 feet+
  • Rubber cushion on camera for protection
  • Sun shield (optional) for outside use.
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