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Model IMXA-460

IMXA-460T is a powerful, real-time, data collector. Designed to simplify the task and increase the speed of collecting condition monitoring data. It is ideally suited for use in a wide range of industries such as paper, petrochemical and primary metals.
  • The IMXA-460T is capable of measuring, processing, displaying & storing a wide range of measurement parameters. It can collect various types of field data, including vibration information, bearing assessment and process variables IMXA-460T enables you to expand its functionality by adding new modules to enhance your analysis capabilities. Simply choose the module required and upload it to the IMXA-460T.
  • Some of the typical data and graph formats specific to IMXA-460T are:
  • Order tracking
  • Engineering Units Display on y-axis
  • Route based having Multiple Historical data
  • Simultaneous display of 3 spectrums or time waveforms for TriAxial Inputs
  • Unfiltered and Filtered ORBIT
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