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HSI3000B Wahl Heat Spy
Model Number HSI3000B

Wahl Heat Spy HSI3000B Series Thermal Imagers include easy to use Heat Spy image analysis software, which allows the user to manipulate, analyze, and store thermal images. Image parameters can be changed or corrected even after downloading.
  • Highest thermal sensitivity (NETD ?50mK) in its price range.
  • Best screen resolution (160 x 120) in its class. Image details are shown clearly and precisely on the large, bright, 3-1/2" screen.
  • Adjustable emissivity for maximum accuracy.
  • ON BOARD dual cursors, moveable anywhere on the image. Automatically seek hot & cold spots.
  • Fully radiometric - capture detailed, high quality images for LIVE analysis of any of 19,200 pixels in the entire image.
  • Portable, with long life rechargeable battery.
  • Proprietary reporting software (included) documents all of your work quickly and easily.
  • Easy Report software for quick image analysis.
  • Store over 1,000 images on included SD Card.
  • Download images directly to PC via USB port or SD card.
  • Rugged, lightweight, and comfortable to use for any application.

HSI3000B is shipped complete with: Easy Report & Report Writer Software, Rubber Boot, Carrying Case, Wrist Strap, Rechargeable Battery, AC Adapter, Magnifying Eye Piece/Sun Shade, Car Charger, User Manual and Image Analysis Software CD, USB Cable, SD Card, and SD Card Reader.



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Building Envelope Energy Loss
Building Surveying     Insect Infestation
Commercial Refrigeration Insulation
Condition Monitoring Mold Issues  
Plumbing Electrical
MDA 400 Bearing Lifeguard