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VT-420 Visual ODS Pro

Visual ODS Pro includes all of the features of Visual ODS, plus VES-3000 Signal Processinng which provides advanced signal processing and analysis features. Visual ODS Pro includes an FFT for analyzing data in either the time or frequency domain. If also contains the unique capability to process operating (response only) data to obtain a set of ODS FRFs measurements. ODS's can be displayed directly from a set of ODS FRFs. They can also be curve fit (using a Visual Modal option) to obtain operating mode shapes.

Additional Features:

  • Simultaneous FFT & IFFT on all measurements in a Data Block. (Not restricted to powers-of-2 number of samples.)
  • Integration & differentiation of time or frequency signals.
  • Waveform Cut, Copy & Paste.
  • Notch & Band windows for removing unwanted data.
  • Exponential window for removing noise or sharpening resonance peaks.
  • Calculates Fourier Spectra, Auto Spectra, PSDs & ODS FRFs from time domain operating data, using Hanning, Flat Top, or Rectangular windows, triggering, linear or peak spectrum averaging, overlap processing.
  • Calculates ODS FRFs from Auto & Cross Spectra.
  • Displays Order Tracked ODS's from multi-channel Order Tracked response data.
  • Block Math functions (scale, add, multiply, conjugate, etc.)
  • Linear (RMS) to Power (MS) units conversion.
  • Peak, Peak to Peak, RMS scaling.
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