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1. Product features

2. Technical Parameters

3. Comparison of Radiation Dosage between DSBS-II-A and      Others

1. Product features

  • It displays thoroughly explosive, detonator, lighter, printing ink and jewelry carried by human body
  • It effectively detects metal, nonmetal (paper money), liquid and powder inside and outside of human body
  • non-stop inspection, high efficiency, insuring people unblocked.
  • the dosage of single scan is equivalent to natural radiation dosage, without any harm to human body
  • It respects privacy and displays no image of body surface.

Technical Parameters

Space resolving power: be able to distinguish wire pairs of 1.6 mm diameter.
Wire resolving power: must distinguish the single solid copper wire of 0.211mm.
Human body penetrating resolving power: must distinguish the iron wire of 3mm nominal diameter and organic matter of 5mm mol behind human body 300mm mol.
Time for single check: less than 2 seconds/time
Single detection dosage: =0.36 Sv (the dosage for taking once plane is 50~100 Sv))
Operation environment: temperature: 5?~+40? humidity: 0%~80%
Storage environment: temperature: -10 ? ~ +60 ? humidity: 10% ~90%
Whole power: <1000W
Size: length: 2000 mm Width: 1800 mm Height: 2320 mm
Total weight: <300kg


Comparison of Radiation Dosage between DSBS-II-A and Others

Cosmic radiation control standards for aircrew (be quoted form GBZ140-2002) 3 control standards

3.1 The effective dosage of professional radiation to Aircrew should less than 20mSv/a

3.2 Female aircrew from the date of discovery of pregnancy, within the remaining time during pregnancy, should take additional control measures to make the total dosage of their ventral surface (Under the trunk) received less than 1mSv

?According to the authoritative test, single scan dosage of Intelligent Body Scanning System-DSBS produced by Shanghai Dashing Scan Technology Co., Ltd. is 0.36Sv. Dosage of single scan is equivalent to natural radiation dosage received on plane from Shanghai to Beijing for 4 minutes. There isn't any harm to human body.


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