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Whole Body X 3D Scanner

The whole body scanning machine, 3D body scanning machine can take number of measurements of the human body in just 17 seconds. Four scanheads of the body 3D scanner collects high-speed 3D measurements every 2 mm from head to toe to create an accurate 3D data set.

The scanning captures an array of digitized points, with each point represented by X, Y, and Z coordinates for shape and 24-bit RGB values for color. Color sampling pitch is user selectable at either one or four texels per vertex. The system transfers this data via a USB interface to the computer for immediate display.

With WBX motion system, the scanner are used for heavy traffic zones and can reliably scan at rates up to one subject every 30 seconds day in and day out. System calibration is set beforehand and requires no operator adjustment or alignment.

Applications :-

  • Anthropometry.
  • Special Effects.
  • Custom Clothing.
  • Fitness.
  • Games.
  • Graphics.
  • Medicine & Research.

The Whole Body Color 3D Scanner Bundle includes :-

  • Complete Whole Body X motion system.
  • Four WBX optical heads with luminance map and RGB capability.
  • Weigh scale.
  • Power supply.
  • Cabling.
  • CyScan scanning software.
  • PlyEdit polygonal editing software and on-site installation and training.