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Ultrasonic Inspection and Leak Detection System

This handheld, non-destructive ultrasonic inspection system, leak detection system utilizes ultrasonic technology for predictive maintenance, troubleshooting, safety and quality control. The digital ultrasonic inspection system, UL101 Receiver, the primary component in the system, detects and converts ultrasound into recognizable sounds within the auidble range and supplies output to a headset, as well as to an analog meter.

Functional Features :-

  • Condition Based Monitoring - Determine proper lubrication levels and detect early signs of wear in mechanical components of critical equipment..
  • Energy Savings - Detect air and steam leaks to minimize the operating time of your compressors.
  • Internal Component Evaluation - Assess the integrity of valves and steam traps.
  • Leak Detection - Indicate and locate pressure and vacuum leaks.
  • Detection of Electrical Arcing & Discharge - Monitor electrical panels and high voltage insulators & transformers for arcing, tracking, and corona discharge.
  • Non-Pressurized Vessels - Inspect weld beads, window gaskets, cabin pressure and more using the UT2000 transmitter.