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SoundEarPro Wireless Noise Monitoring System

SoundEarPro is a wireless sound level meter, which is ideal for monitoring the noise levels in entertainment venues, factories and hospitals. This system consists of a number of noise meters connected to a controller over a wireless link. Controller stores data without getting connected to computers. It takes LAeq and LCPeak every second. Entire data can be transferred to computers using USB cable. The storage capacity of this device is 6 days with five samplers connected. Whenever a computer is connected to the controller the current sound level (Leq) at each sound level meter can be displayed in real-time. The sound levels are shown as a number (decibels) as well as graphically.

Salient Features

  • LAeq and LCPeak logged every second
  • Class 2 to IEC 61672
  • Data logging controller connects to multiple meters
  • Wireless integrating sound level meters
  • View in real-time or view stored measurements

Typical Applications

  • Factory noise monitoring
  • Entertainment noise (pubs, clubs, nightclubs, discos)
  • Hospital noise and neonatal noise control