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Laser Vibrometer-Laser Doppler Vibrometer

Laser Doppler Vibrometers enables minute vibration measurement and analysis in high-accurate resolution. The compact and competitively priced system utilizes red laser diode for aiming the infrared laser diode measuring beam. It can be used for non-destructive testing and non-contact vibration measurement of any surface.

The laser Vibrometer is optimized for measurement distances from one centimeter to five meters, eliminating the needs for adjustment, lens or surface treatment, ensuring the highest measurement accuracy. New Red Visible Laser Diode provides Easy View Point and Measurement Operation.

Applications :-

  • Transfer function measurement of optical pickups used for CD, MO and DVD
  • Vibration measurement on each component of HDD.
  • Structure analysis of movable mechanism.
  • Vibration measurement of thin membranes such like microphone of cellular phone or receiver.
  • Vibration measurement of parts, devices or components for automotive related, plant facilities and micro-machines.

Salient Features :-

  • Compact, Robust, Field-Tested Design
  • No Beam Focusing or Surface Treatment Required.
  • Heterodyne Detection for High Measurement Sensitivity.
  • Compact & light weight.
  • High safety.
  • Good operationibility.
  • CCD video monitor unit.