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Hand Held Thermal Imager Hot Spot Finder

Hotspot finder, digital hotspot finder is an affordable, esay - to -use diagnostic tool that can precisely identify problem hot spots. Image hotspot finder's Two measurement cursors, movable anywhere in the image, can measure Temperature and Differential Temperature. The images can be Downloaded to PC with the supplied SD Card Reader or directly to a PC using the USB interface for Post Analysis.

How it works:
Just scan the target area and find the hottest spot on the screen. Place the hottest spot of your target on the center of the screen indicated by the circle (shown in picture below). It will also indicate the temperature of that spot. Then, simply press the laser button, and the laser will point to the hot spot on your target, corresponding to where it appears on the center of the screen. You can then take a thermal picture and store it in the Pocket PC.

Features :-

Real Time Image and Temperature Measurement display
Crisp High Resolution Images
Large 3-1 2" LCD Display with LED backlight
Fully Radiometric - Measures the Temperature of every Pixel
Multiple Temperature Measurements
Stores up to 1000 Images with supplied SD Card
Image Browser with full image adjustment
Includes Operating Software, Wahl Easy Report1Software, SD Card & Card Reader
Lightweight * Simple Operation

Applications :-

* Loose or over tight connections
* Shorted or overloaded circuits
* Load imbalances
* Components which have failed or are fatigued such as fuses, circuit breakers, transformers, etc.
* Detect improper or missing insulation
* Detect energy losses due to air leakage or conductive losses through walls
* Check central heating/cooling and underfloor heating systems
* Improper lubrication of bearings and motors
* Misalignments in rotating equipment
* Improper tension in drive belts and pulleys

All these features and critical applications makes Hot Spot finder The Lowest Cost, High Performance, Thermal Imaging Camera in the Market!

Unique Mobile-like IR Thermo raphic Camera :

The MoblR~ MB, representing a landmark of IR technology progress globally, is the latest innovation from Guide Infrared who always works with innovative emotion. Guide presents MB enriching the features exclusively for high-end IR camera before. 50Hz refresh rate? 2Mpixels CMOS? Touch screen? Auto focus? IR video recording? Whatever you expect from a thermographic camera, MB satisfies you by its compactness, ruggedization, accuracy, efficiency, reliability, and affordability.

Features and Benefits :

Touch Screen

Operating it easily and do I complicated analyses

Infra Fusion

helping you identify where the problem exactly is

Auto Gate Technology

providing double protection to the optics and detectors

2.0 Megapixel CMOS

delivering extremely crisp visual image

Rugged Design

Magnalium housing is more robust and shockresistant



Imaging Performance

Detector Type
Microbolometer UFPA 160x120 pixels, 25 µ m
Spectral range 8-14 µ m
Field of view 20.6 ° X 15.5 °
Thermal Sensitivity <0.1 °C at 30 °C
Image Frequency 50HZ PAL/60HZ NTSC
Built-in Digital Video CMOS Sensor, 1600x1200 pixels, 224 ture colors

Image Presentation

External Dis lay 2.47" TFT LCD with high resolution
Infra Fusion Visual and IR blending


Temperature Range -20C to 250 °C (350 °C/1200 °Coptional)
Accuracy +2°C or +2% of reading
Measurement Modes Auto hot & cold spot, auto alarm live/zoomed image & video; spots, areas displaying either max, min or average, line profile, histogram & isotherm band in live/frozen/saved image


Type Removable 2GB Mini SO card & built-in memory
Video Recording Recording up to 30 minutes in Mini SO card

Laser Locator

Classification Type Class 2 semiconductor laser

Power System

Battery Type Recharge Li-ion Camcorder battery, field-replaceable
Battery Operating Time 4 hours continuous operation


Operating Temperature -10 °C to +60 °C
Temperature Storage Temperature -20 °C to +60 °C


USB2.0 Real-time image, video data transfer to PC and real-time control of the camera on PC
RS232 communication Control of camera on PC


Size 154mmx69mmx45mm
Weight 0.35kg
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Zip Code: 430070
Tel: 027-87671925/87671991 /87671983
Fax: 027-87671927
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Website: www.guide-infrared.com