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H6-HS(Monocular System)

The H6 - HS thermal imaging monocular, thermal imaging digital monocular, eye movement recorder has been designed to measure horizontal eye position. The hand held monocular system uses a modulated infrared light source and a synchronous detector to produce accurate recordings in the presence of ambient light. It is one of the essential components of ENG labs.

Salient Features :-

  • Sampling and Output Rates: 120, 240 or 360 Hz (adjustable) w/no loss of resolution.
  • Measurement principle: pupil-corneal reflection.
  • System accuracy: 0.5 degree visual angle.
  • Resolution: 0.1 degree visual angle.
  • Head movement: unlimited.
  • Visual range: 45 degrees horizontally, 35 degrees vertically.
  • Weight 10 oz (includes headband, optics module, monocle and scene camera .