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Diesel Doctor

Knowing how your engine is performing leads to more efficient operation, saving fuel and reducing emissions. Additionally, diesel engine monitoring system can highlight developing faults and assist with optimizing engine maintenance. With typically 60% of a ship's costs going on bunkers, any fuel saving is worthwhile. At around 10% of the ship's budget, optimization of maintenance can provide large savings. Avoidance of down time by recognizing developing engine problems early, keeps ships sailing.

The state-of-art Diesel Engine Performance Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis instrument - DOCTOR systems are optimised to produce engine results simply, reliably, and accurately. The portable and the on-line systems are both designed with marine engineering input. The results allow balancing of power in the cylinders, optimisation of injection timing and help to pinpoint engine faults. Many developing faults can be detected early enough to avoid major engine damage, saving.

Portable Cylinder Pressure Analysis :-

  • Portable systems provide the simplest method of monitoring, requiring the minimum amount of installation wiring.
  • K-2 Single channel compact portable system for full cylinder pressure analysis.
  • DK-2/FV Dual simultaneous channel compact portable system for cylinder pressure plus fuel pressure analysis.

Online Cylinder Pressure Analysis :-

  • On-line systems provide the easiest method of operation for regular monitoring.
  • DK-2/L/32 on-line systems provide continuous monitoring of engines up to 30 cylinders.
  • Up to eight engines can be monitored on one vessel and linked to an onboard PC running that runs the on-line software.

Doctor Analysis Software :-

  • All systems interface to the same highly regarded PC analysis software allowing a mixture of systems to be used throughout a fleet.

Application Areas :-

  • This equipment can provide exact health details of the engine.
  • The faults if any including non synchronous behavior of the cylinders will also be indicated.
  • Details of power developed by each cylinder and also by all the cylinders together is calculated and displayed.
  • The unit being portable can be taken to any location or ship to carry out the realistic assessment of engine health in field whenever a doubt is arisen about the same.
  • Many more as explained in the literature attached.

Key Benefits :-

  • Saves fuel.
  • Minimizes harmful SOx and NOx emissions.
  • Cuts Downtime.
  • Pinpoint problems that are starting to develop.
  • Provides detailed and accurate information of Engines' Health.
  • Optimizes Engine's efficiency.
  • Advantageous for Old vessels using obsolete offline engine monitoring technology.
  • Designed for Real Marine Users.
  • Comprehensive Analysis, Trending and Reporting Software.
  • Proven Reliability ,Accuracy, Ease of Use and Durability . More than 3000 units in use.

Some of the defects that can be identified using DOCTOR are :-

  • Injector condition.
  • Valve leaks.
  • Power imbalance.
  • Weak, worn or badly timed pumps.
  • Timing problems.
  • Blow-by.
  • Cylinder leaks.
  • Restricted inlet passages.
  • Twisted crank.
  • And many more.....