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Card Vibro Neo

The amazing digital card Vibro Neo Vm- 2004 Neo is integrated with a built in digital amplifier and includes a card size remote control unit. The vibration analysis system, vibration analysis device provides multiple setting for acceleration, velocity, displacement amplitude. Different modes as RMS/PEAK should be set before the measurement. Digital vibration analysis system (Card Vibro Neo) can measure all the readings simultaneously. Multiple data can be collected in real time by one time measurement.

Salient Features:-

  • The function PDA itself is available.
  • PDA is selectable1.
  • Large data storage capacity is available.
  • Card module is only 25g.
  • Multiple options for reading.
  • Simultaneous measurement.
  • FFT Function.
  • Vibration Evaluation.
  • Waveform Display.
  • Bearing checker function.

C-Cubed Pocket VibrA Pro

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